Beard Care : Beard Styles and Beard Care Tips
Beard Care : Beard Styles and Beard Care Tips

Men with beard VS Men without a beardMen with beard VS Men without a beard.

How’s the difference? Yes, if a man’s beard is trimmed properly, it can definitely be a good way to improve his styles and appearance.

beard styles

Let’s start from the beard styles.

NO.1 Designer Stubble Beard

Designer Stubble beard

It is more suitable for people with narrow upper forehead and wide lower Chin. As it could help to coordinate facial contours.

NO.2 Professional Beard

Professional Beard

For professional beard, the hair on the neck needs scraped cleanly. And this could make a perfect contour of the jaw.

Trim your beard along the outlines of facial muscles. Trim symmetrically upward until the middle of the cheek.

NO.3 Full Beard

Full BeardThis kind of beard is suitable for those with sharp facial edges.

A carefully trimmed full beard could show one’s elegance and taste.

This type of beard is very easy to care, and it is the most popular type of beard nowadays.

NO.4 Captain Jack Beard

Captain Jack BeardSuitable for those with sharp chins. If your hair grows too fast, then make sure to trim it and make it tidy up.

Using with beard oil and beard balm, you could make your beard type clean and tidy.

NO.5 Hipster Beard

Hipster BeardHipster beard is a beard showing with a great personality. However, the amount of the beard hair needs patience and it is hard for men to grow this type of beard.

And it is suitable for men with an oval face.

NO.6 Van Dyke beard

Van Dyke beardFor Van Dyke beard, you need to grow a shorter while pointer beard. The beard on the upper lip is also pointed and it should care with wax.

There must be no hair on either side of the cheek. A well-managed Van Dyke beard is a work of art.

Van Dyke beardHowever, this kind of beard is full of European characteristic, and it is very particular about clothing matching.

If you are not good at clothing matching and have less time to care your beard, then forget this Van Dyke beard.

Although a beard style is important. However, the way to care and maintain your beard is also vertical.

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