Beard Care for Black Men by The Mod Cabin
Beard Care for Black Men by The Mod Cabin

Black men often email and ask us for tips on how to properly grow a beard, so we wanted to share those tips here. Because of the tightly coiled nature of black hair, which is due to the flat, ribbon like structure of the hair follicle, many black men deal with ingrown hairs when they shave. There are ways to help prevent ingrown hairs, however. One way is to stop shaving and grow a beard. Beard Care for Black Men by The Mod Cabin will explain how black men can grow, style and maintain healthy facial hair.

Beard Care for Black Men by The Mod Cabin

Let It Grow

Its a good rule of thumb for black men to let their facial hair grow out for 4 to 6 weeks before cultivating their personal beard style. This will allow you to see how your facial hair grows and notice any areas that are patchy or extra thick, which could affect the beard style you choose. Regardless of style, you want to get your beard off to a great start by keeping it properly washed, conditioned and groomed.

We asked beard model Carl Battee about the advantages and challenges black men encounter when they decide to grow a beard.

Well being of of two different ethnic backgrounds (black/Hispanic) makes my facial hair much more difficult to manage, so I would say the biggest challenges of growing facial hair as a black man would be not knowing how your hair will look or react to products in the beginning stages of growth.

Use The Right Products

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