Effective Beard Growing and Styling Tips
Effective Beard Growing and Styling Tips


It is unclear when the number of men growing a beard has increased. For those who grow the beard properly, they look masculine, sophisticated and charming.

It is said that for most adult men when they wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, they have the same question: Should they shave their beard today? Men themselves feel manly when they are with beards. Although there are lots of men growing a beard, seldom of them could trim and take care of their beard well.

How to grow a fresh, natural and tidy beard? Let’s take a further look at the following analysis.

Trimming the Beard

Before trimming, apply a hot towel on the beard, trim a clear beard style with a scraper, then cut the uneven length of the beard with scissors, and comb with a fine comb to see if it is really neat. For extra beards, pull it out with a pair of tweezers.

Two Popular Beard Styles

  • Sparse Style

Sparse beard Style

Nowadays, most of the popular beard styles are sparse ones. This type of beard looks tidy from appearance, which is easy for women to accept. Sometimes, it gives a unique feeling to keep a beard on the chin.


  • Modified Style

modified beard type

Most sparse beards bring people a relatively natural feeling, while the modified beards have a clear sense of decoration. For example, Johnny Depp’s beard is dense, but he has a clear demarcation for his beard.  Collocated with his Bohemian suit, he does not look any sloppy at all, but manly in fact.

Beard Styles and Face Shape

Generally speaking, like hairstyle, choosing a beard style should base on his face shape. A standard face like an oval face or a square face is suitable for a goatee beard or an oval-shaped beard trimmed at the chin; a round face is more suitable for a finger beard; a thin and long face is more suitable for a square beard that is not too long; and a triangular face seems more shaped to keep an upside-down eight-character beard.

Length and Color of the Beard

If you want to grow a beard, it is most appropriate to keep the length of your beard for 3 to 5 days without shaving. For a longer time, the beard would also appear curved and winding, which is not elegant. And for the special beard type which needs a long length, generally, it is enough to keep it for a week to 10 days.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Men with beards should pay attention to the maintenance and cleanliness of their beards. Every day, they should wash their beards carefully so as to avoid dust and dirt contaminating their beards and skin.

Not only should you need a method for growing a beard, but also you need a beard oil care kit for the healthy growth of your beard.

Isner Mile beard care kit is a popular washing kit for your beard. It is made of organic ingredients, keeping your facial hair clean and promote growth. Besides, the beard oil and balm set help to make your beard soft and shiny all day out.

Isner Mile beard care kit

This beard care kit consists of shampoo, conditioner, oil, and balm, which is a necessary kit for the daily care of your beard.

Besides, we also provide an online beard E-book for your assistance.

If you want to guarantee a healthy growth of beard and keep it moist, come and get yourself an Isner Mile beard oil care products.

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