How To Choose A Beard Style Based on Your Face Shape ?
How To Choose A Beard Style Based on Your Face Shape ?

Apart from hairstyle, growing a beard can also be one of the ways to convey style and attitude. Sometimes clothing could be fashionable based on hairstyle or beard style. From the beard residue to the big beard style, different facial shapes also have different best ways to grow a beard. Let’s have a further look at these differences.

Long Face

Long Face with beard

Men with a long face are suitable for beards with thick sideburns and short chin beards. The role of the thick sideburns is to widen the sides of the face so that the face looks not so long. Try to avoid changing the length of the beard to show the face shape! So in general, beard residue or medium-long beard are suitable for long face, the key is to have thick sideburns!

Round/Square Face

Round/Square Face with beardMen with a round face and square face are suitable for growing a beard concentrating on the chin, which can help lengthen the face, reduce the roundness and square of the face. It is better not to grow a beard at the temples. If you want to have a try, you should also avoid it grows too dense and it is OK to maintain a short beard at the temples. A goatee is more suitable for men with a round face and a square face than a beard.

Pancake Face

Pancake Face with beardThe short mustache on the edge of a man’s face is similar to that of a woman’s shadow drawing. So if you’re a big pancake face, you might as well try a mustache with sideburns and chin, and maintain its fullness and texture. If your facial features and face are too big, you can actually try the European man’s beard.

Small Face

Small Face with beard Men with small face do not need to grow too much beard. Too bushy beard will make the face and facial features out of proportion, while it is OK to grow short beard residue or even middle-long beard. Do not grow it too long and too exaggerated.

Oval Face

Oval Face with beardIf you’re an oval face, you’re lucky, because you can try whiskers of any type. Just grow whiskers in the style you like.

Although beard styles are important for showing your personal charming. However, it is also important to care for your beard in a healthier way.

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isner mile beard oil

It is featured with below advantages:

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Take care of your beard with this set of tools.

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