How To Maintain Your Beard Care?
How To Maintain Your Beard Care?
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Although it belongs to Grooming categories, the time and money men spent on beard management is far less than the investment in hair care and styling.

At the moment when Smart Casual is popular all around the whole fashion circle, apart from the low-key and decent dress, it is not only the basic requirement but also the attractive factor to have a well-groomed and well-trimmed facial makeup.

However, today our focus is not about how to trim, but how to care our beard. Accurate shaving care should begin with the correct shaving procedure and posture.

Correct Shaving Method

  1. Clean your face with facial cleanser, so as to relax your skin.

  2. Dip a small amount of shaving foam with a shaving brush, make an even foam in the palm or a special utensil and smear it on the shaving area.

  3. Make a rough outline with a shaving knife. When trim facial beard, carrying the knife from top to bottom, while it is from bottom to top on the chin and neck.

  4. Trim out thick and thin layers and details with small scissors.

  5. Wash with warm water.

  6. Apply proper amount of aftershave water to the shaving area, relieve the stimulation to the pore and tighten the pore at the same time.

  7. Finally, moisturize and isolate with aftershave or cream.


Isner Mile 5 in 1 Beard Grooming Kit for Men

Includes conditioner oil, beard balm, brush, comb, and scissors, is a perfect beard kit for men.

isner mile grooming kitThis beard kit is all about organic ingredients to keep your facial hair healthy and silky soft while the grooming kit is well-designed with natural boar bristle for better-taking care of your beard.

Isner Mile beard kit gets below advantages:

  1. 100% Pure Natural Beard Oil
  2. 100% Pure Natural Beard Balm
  3. High-Quality Trimming Tools
  4. Perfect for All Types of Beard

With an extra online Beard E-Book, we do hope our Isner Mile beard kit could become an important accompany for you every day.

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Comments (2)

  • I bought the Isner Mile Beard care kit.

    It said it came with an ebook on beard care. When I fallowed the link on the back of the box, I was directed to some dudes Facebook page.

    Please send me the book that was promised.

    Stanley Lien

    Stanley Lien
    • We are sorry that the link cannot be opened due to the attack on our homepage. We have re-attached the beard e-book to your email, please check it carefully. If you have any other questions, please contact us in time.


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