Here at The Mod Cabin we have a diverse customer base with varied ideals and interests. One of the things that most of us have in common, however, is that we all respect nature and have an appreciation for it’s beauty and what it provides. Everything we handcraft comes from it and our scent blends are inspired by it. Although we are a cruelty free company in terms of our production methods and ingredients, and do not test our products on animals, we also see the importance of and appreciate the support of those who hunt ethically, and utilize their catch to feed their families. For those of us who are not vegetarians or vegans, hunting is a way to stay connected to nature, the cycle of life, and the animals that are nourishing us.

We hope you find this article by Garrett Boop, 3-gun champion and Mod Cabin Man, helpful in your hunt.

Garrett Boop using The Mod Cabin Unscented Products


The glint of his bright ivory antlers weaving through the brush gave him away and my focus sharpened as my adrenaline spiked.  Even through the thick tangle of saplings, I could discern immediately he was headed in my direction.  As he moved closer, I could see the tall rack belonged to a mature whitetail buck and he was locked in on a doe who was not interested in his charm.  As the doe and her admirer started to close the distance between us, I noticed there were three or four other buck flanking the pair.  It seemed I was in the proverbial right spot at the right time.  Two of the satellite bucks, including a mature, dark antlered eight point peeled off and worked towards a clearing in the underbrush.  It seemed like this might be my opportunity.  The only problem lay in the fact they were approaching on my downwind side and would quickly find themselves directly in the stream of air blowing over my shoulder.  I had to trust my scent control efforts as I watched the first and younger buck slowly walk through the air that had blown directly over my shoulder.  He did not flinch as he walked by leading the mature buck into the open and granting me the opportunity to put fresh venison on the table.


Although I was able to fill that particular tag with my rifle, I often hunt with a bow and arrow.  I enjoy the challenge of avoiding detection and finding myself within thirty yards of a whitetail deer and their uncanny ability to detect danger with their noses.  Avoiding detection by the nose of a whitetail deer involves making your gear and your body as scent-free as possible.  Washing my clothes and other hunting gear in non-scented soap then hanging it outside to dry is a critical part of the process.  The other, and probably most, important aspect of being scent-free is controlling the odor on my body.

Over the years, I have used almost all of the scent-free products on the market.  Most of the products have worked to reduce scent and odor.  One problem I have found with almost every scent-free product on the market is the fact that while they are reducing scent they are completely drying out my hair and skin.  This is more pronounced when using the products for an extended period of time.  Our hunting season in Pennsylvania lasts from the end of September to mid-January and I am often using scent-free products for weeks at a time.

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