Are Men with Beards More Attractive
Are Men with Beards More Attractive
Isner Mile Beard Grooming Kit

men with beard

For a mature and attractive man, his dressing is very important. And one of their common symbols is the beard! It is said that men with beards are the most attractive persons. That’s definitely right. Let’s go and have a detailed look.

If you decide to catch up with the fashion trend and want to try a striking beard type, where should you start? It is important to choose a beard style suitable for your facial feature. A suitable beard style can effectively weaken your facial defects and help to focus on the advantages.

Short Stubble

Short Stubble

Suitable for All Face Shapes

Men with Short Stubble

Maintenance Tips: Among all the beard type, short stubble is the simplest. And it is suitable for any face shapes. However, one necessary condition is that you have to get beards on both cheeks. Short Stubble can be easily maintained by replacing styling combs of different lengths. The beard on the chin can be appropriately longer and the beard on the upper lip feels like a mustache, which will make you look very manly but not untidy.


Van Dyke (H Beard Type)

Van Dyke (H Beard Type)

Suitable for: Pointed chin

Men with Van Dyke Beard

Maintenance Tips: We could call Van Dyke (Van Dyke) beard as “H” beard. The upper lip beard and chin beard are symmetrical and balanced. Van Dyke beard type is a combination of mustache and shallow goat beard. A man who grows this type of beard must have a shorter pointed beard, and the upper lip beard must be pointed and waxed. Besides, there must be no hair on both sides of the cheek. The well-managed Van Dyke beard is a work of art, but it also needs regular maintenance to keep its unique charm.


Circle Beard (Whiskers)

Circle Beard (Whiskers)

Suitable for: Round Face/ Elliptical Face

Men with Whiskers BeardMaintenance Tip 1 : Circle beard has both sexy and flamboyant upper lip mustache and atmospheric calm lower lip whiskers. Whether considered from the length of the beard or the decoration of the connection, it needs patience and time to grow this type of beard. Circle beard is more suitable for people with heavy hair!

Tip 2 

For circle beard, it needs patient and meticulous maintenance. Besides, you should remove the rest of the facial beard cleanly. Be sure to use a shaver with a styling comb to remove the messy beard around and carefully carve the beard in the beard area.

For men, the beard is just like short hair in women, which is not easy stuff that everyone can handle. Even if you have the charming to control it, you still need professional beard care products to maintain it.

Isner Mile specializes in beard care products. Our products range from beard oil, beard balm, beard wash and so on. What’s more, all our beard oils are the highest quality blend of carrier oils that are combined with essential oils, which are more healthy and suitable for your beard.

Isner Mile upgraded beard care set includes shampoo wash, conditioner, beard oil, and beard balm. It is necessary daily care set for your beard.

Isner Mile beard care setFor the beard shampoo, it is rich in olive oil, algae extracts, jojoba oil, rosemary extracts, etc

—  It helps to eliminate beard itching and dandruff easily.

For the beard conditioner, it adds hyaluronic acid and marigold extracts, etc

—  It helps to moisturize, soften and brighten your beard.

Isner Mile Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

For the beard oil & beard balm, they are made of Vitamin E, jojoba oil, Aloe Juice and lavender oil etc

— They help to keep your beard soft, thick, shiny, tidy and neat.Isner Mile Beard balm

With a full set of Isner Mile beard care products, you could easily keep your beard grow healthily and make a charming style.

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