Beard Grooming Tips for Your Healthy Beard
Beard Grooming Tips for Your Healthy Beard

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It should be particular about the time of beard grooming! If grooming your beard at the wrong time, it may cause skin infection.

Apart from the time for grooming, there is a big misunderstanding about beard grooming. It is not the best choice to groom your beard as clean as possible. However, men hardly realize this kind of misunderstanding.


Three Don’t About Beard Grooming

Don’t groom your beard from different directions. Otherwise, it will grow an inverted beard.

Don’t groom your beard before bathing, for that there are many minimally invasive on the skin after shaving, which is very sensitive and cannot be seen by naked eyes. If you take a shower at this time, it will easily cause the discomfort of shaving parts, even redness due to the stimulation of bath fluid, shampoo, and hot water.

Don’t groom your beard before exercise. When exercising, the blood circulation of the body speeds up, a lot of sweat will stimulate the skin you just shaved and causes discomfort or even infection.

It is the best time for beard grooming in the morning when the skin is relaxed, and grooming can also reduce the chance of being scratched.


Misunderstanding of Clean Beard Grooming

Many men have a misconception that the cleaner they groom their beard, the better. However, they hardly realize that it is this behavior causing the shaving problems. That is shaving lump.

The cleaner the beard is shaved, the more easily those very short beards grow into the skin, causing unbearable pain. The so-called shaving lump is a very painful lump caused by inflammation of the beard. It penetrates into the skin before the hair shaft leaves the hair follicle or into the adjacent skin after leaving the hair follicle.

When men groom their beard, they can tighten the skin properly, which can reduce the resistance of the shave operation and prevent the skin from breaking. We need to understand the texture direction of the beard and make the shaving cream has more time to soften the hardest part of the short beard.

According to the different growth direction of the facial beard, along with the order of left to right, top to bottom to groom your beard.


Beard Grooming Kit Recommendation

Only get the beard grooming tips is not enough to take good care of your beard. What you need is a professional beard grooming kit.

Isner Mile 5 in 1 Beard Growth Grooming Kit could be the best choice for you.


Isner Mile Beard Grooming Kit


It is designed with organic ingredients to keep your facial hair healthy and silky soft while the grooming kit is well-designed with natural boar bristle for better-taking care of your beard.


Isner Mile Beard Growth Grooming Kit comes with these features:

  • All-In-One set includes beard oil, balm, scissors, brush, and comb.
  • Organic ingredients guarantee healthy growth and keep it moist, making your beard stylish and healthy.
  • Suitable for every type of beard. No matter your beard is long, short, thick, thin, coarse, tangled or other types.

Isner Mile Beard Care Oil

Come with Isner Mile to grow a stylish while healthy beard style.

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