Clean-Shaven Man Vs. Bearded Man – Which One You Prefer
Clean-Shaven Man Vs. Bearded Man – Which One You Prefer

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Men growing a beard has a long history. In ancient times, most of the men grew beards. Nowadays, the beard has become a fashion trend, which adds the feeling of maturity and sexuality to men.

However, whether to grow a beard or not is still a problem for men. Let’s take a look at the difference between a clean-shaven man and a bearded man.


Clean-Shaven Man Vs. Bearded Man


The left clean-shaven man, it seems lacking some personality. While with this beard, this man shows a sense of fairness and presents a classy elegant look.


Clean-Shaven Man Vs. Bearded Man


Clean-shaven man seems lacking a sense of maturity. And the man choosing his mustache style give this look some personality.


Clean-Shaven Man Vs. Bearded Man


The clean-shaven man seems lacking a sense of maturity, while with a beard, this appearance has a more polished feel and attractive feature without being too conservative.


Clean-Shaven Man Vs. Bearded Man


A clean-shaven man shows his maturity without personality, while with a beard, the whole look presents a sense of charming, make hair accents masculinity of the jawline and chin.

According to a survey done by 2018 in Australia, researchers found that beards play an important role in sexual attractiveness, masculinity, and long-term relationships. And it shows that women prefer bearded males.

As a result, men with beards are still a fashion trend at this time. However, it is not an easy thing to grow and maintain a stylish beard.

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