Is Growing A Beard Easy To Nourish Germ?
Is Growing A Beard Easy To Nourish Germ?

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John Robert, a microbiologist in New Mexico did an experiment on whether the beard contained bacteria. Results from the experiment that beards contain a lot of bacteria as dirty as a toilet.

That’s a lot of bacteria and it’s a bit unsettling. He advised men with a beard should wash hands frequently and wash beard if they want to have a clean and healthy beard. Also, take care not to get food on your beard when you eating.

If you exercise outside for a long time under the hot weather, there will be massive secretion of oil and have a lot of dust in your beard. If you haven’t clean your beard in the time it’s very easy to damage your sink. In particular, the bacteria on the surface of the face will take advantage of this, causes folliculitis and sebaceous adenitis, even cause swelling of the lips and face.


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Nearly every bearded man want to have a clean and healthy beard which makes you look more gentlemanly and clean. In this way, you should wash your beard with professional beard shampoo wash and conditioner regularly. Isner Mile beard shampoo contains a natural and safe ingredient. It has no damage to your skin and is suitable for all kinds of skin. Besides, it helps to moisten, soften, brighten your beard and promote the growth of beard.

However, it is not that easy to grow a charming beard by only wash it with shampoo and conditioner. For better maintenance of the beard, it is suggested to take below ways as a habit to take good care of your beard.


Ways To Better Maintain Your Beard

  • Clean your beard with shampoo and conditioner regular just like what you do to your hair.

The beard wash should be a naturally extracted shampoo wash which is ideal for refreshing eliminating itching and dandruff. That’s why Isner Mile beard wash and conditioner is so popular with bearded men.


Isner Mile shampoo and conditioner

Isner Mile Beard Wash & Conditioner come with below features:

Deeply clean hair follicles, rejuvenate and protect facial hair

Promoting regrowth, reducing beard and sachet patchy spots

Improve the condition of itchy irritated skin and beard dandruff


  • Trim your beard regularly. To eliminate split ends and keep it healthy at the same time.

Use a professional beard grooming kit to stylish your beard. A professional beard grooming kit may include a wooden comb, stainless steel scissors, boar bristle beard brush, and a beard template shaping tool.


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  • Keep up healthy habits and a healthy diet to get your beard to grow in a healthy way.

Exercise, healthy diets are also helpful for charming beard growth. In addition to eating better, you can help your beard grow faster by supplementing your diet with the appropriate minerals and vitamins.

Growing healthy and charming is not that easy. However, it is not that difficult too. Once you get the right beard maintenance tips, you could also have a stylish and healthy beard.

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