Beard Care Guide | How to boost male glamour with a beard
Beard Care Guide | How to boost male glamour with a beard

Many male friends will ask me:

Uncle, if I had a beard like you, will attract the girls?

The good beard style will make the man look more mature and sexy. It’s even more careful than taking care of your sneakers for years. The unshaven beard will only make you look like a tramp, and it won’t give you any benefit.

How can have a sexy and attractive beard, uncle will give you a good talk.




The beard is too sparse, can’t be formed, it’s not good to have a beard, a clean and refreshing face is more suitable for you.

The amount of Asian beard is generally sparse than that of Europeans and Americans. It is not advisable to choose a tiger shape that is too lush. A small range of beard or scum is more suitable for you.

The beard type needs to be selected according to the shape of the face, complementing the hairstyle and matching, and fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

It’s not a shave to shave for a few months. If you don’t want to take care of your beard, don’t leave it. Please let go of your beard.A few months without shave beard is not on the list, you do not want to take care of time-consuming beard, please let your beard free.



2.How to choose beard style

If you already have a lucrative amount, congratulations, you already have the right to choose a beard style.

Next, you must choose the corresponding beard style according to your requirements and face type, otherwise the beard will be thick and white. Uncle helps you sum up the different types of faces that correspond to the appropriate type, and teach you how to play fancy on your beard.



Oval face

A thin strip of beard on both sides helps to decorate your elliptical face.

However, there are certain requirements for the beard and the amount of the beard, and the beards on both sides of the Asian face are relatively small. Please choose according to the actual situation.

Rectangular face

For the rectangular face, the scorpion, the extended version of the goat is suitable, so that it can perfectly cover the face of the square, and the modified face does not look too long.But the amount of beards is not too lush and it is not recommended to try it.

Round face

Using goatee and chin’s beard, can focus your face on your chin, making the sides of your face look less rounded.

Square face

The square face needs to be decorated with a beard to modify the corners of the chin, so it is more suitable for the beard style. Remember to avoid the Whiskers.

Diamond face

This type of face is better to choose a beard, from the scorpion to the Whiskers, and even the small slag is more suitable.If your face is not clear, you can choose a similar type according to your own needs, but you must remember: be careful to take care of your beard.


3.How to care for the beard

Nursing a beard is not an easy task, a very important element: patience, detail, taste.

Patience: plenty of time

This is the first and most important step. The most important thing to want to leave a sexy beard is to let the beard grow long enough. If you want to keep a beard style, you have to be prepared for a longtime war.

Careful: Take care of any details of the beard

It takes even more energy to manage your beard than to take care of your hair. When you choose a variety of shampoos, conditioners, etc. for your hair, do you want to do a comprehensive treatment for your beard? For example, aftershave, beard care oil, softener, soft hair comb, etc., it is very important to clean the beard in time and keep it clean.



Taste: trim your beard

As I said at the beginning, no girl would like a man with a beard like a tramp, so it is necessary to timely trim the beard.

The newly grown beard, the long beard, and the surrounding hairs should be cleaned up in time to keep the whole beard type clean.

The above mentioned different type face corresponding beard, only a reference based on the general situation, each person has their own different circumstances and preferences, we must continue to observe his beard during the beard, the understanding of their characteristics.



According to your actual situation, through continuous pruning and continuous improvement, you can also find the unique beard type that suits you best.

Exquisite life

If you are paying attention to the exquisite experience and enjoy the process of shaving, you can go to the professional shaving shop to enjoy it.

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