Steps to Maintain Beard for Bearded Men
Steps to Maintain Beard for Bearded Men

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Do not think it is an easy thing to keep a beard. Before you keep a beard, you must be well prepared on mental: it is much more troublesome to trim it than to keep a beard itself. Therefore, we have to learn how to deal with our beard.

Steps to Maintain Our Beard

Step 1- Beard Cleanness

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The way most people clean their beards is to clean it with water when taking a bath every day. However, it is often taking bath with hot water, while hot water can make your beard curly, fragile and dry. If this happens daily, your desired beard effect will be destroyed by hot water. As a result, whenever possible, do choose to clean your beard with cold water.

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To thoroughly clean the dirt on your beard, you need to store a bottle of beard wash for your beard. However, while removing excess dirt, beard wash also removes the oil you naturally secrete. Therefore, it should not be too frequent to clean the beard with a beard wash.

Usually, it is quite appropriate to clean once a week to two weeks. Try not to clean your beard with soap, for it will make your skin very dry.

After cleaning with shampoo, it is necessary to apply a layer of beard conditioner. Like hair, conditioners can supplement lost nutrients and moisture and make the beard look healthier.

Step2 – Air Drying

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It is also special to do air drying on beards. It’s better to apply natural air drying method. If you are in a hurry, we suggest that you wipe it gently with a clean dry towel first, and then blow it slowly with the low temperature of the hair dryer modulation. Do not dry your beard with a hairdryer at too high temperature. Otherwise, it will damage your beard.

Step3 – Daily Maintenance


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After you clean your beard, you can take a comb to manage your beard. In this way, some beards that have to reach the end of life will fall off as soon as possible, so as not to compete for nutrition with vigorous hair.

After air drying, you can take care of your beard with a bristle brush and beard oil. Of course, the choice of brushes is also crucial. If your beard is quite thick, you need a hard brush to enhance the effect of care. If your beard is soft or sparse, you can use a soft brush to avoid secondary damage to the beard.

An effective and favorite beard oil is very important for beard maintenance.

And our Isner Mile beard oil is the best choice for you.

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It is designed for professional beard care work. And our Isner Mile beard care products come with below advantages:

  • 100% Pure Nature & Organic Ingredient with Essential Vitamins & Nutrients;
  • Promote active growth for men’s beard, Eliminate beard itch;
  • Soften your beard and Provide rich texture & luster;
  • Main ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Pure Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Orange Essential Oil.

Use 2-4 drops of beard oil, apply into your hand, then massage it throughout your beard. And recommended applying after a hot shower.

By doing this, you could get an amazing beard style. Come with Isner Mile take good care of your beard.

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