Men’s school, daily care for the beard
Men’s school, daily care for the beard


Some people say that Chinese people are not suitable for beards. Whenever I hear such arbitrary remarks, I have a deep sigh: this person is not saved! It is not denied that Chinese people’s hair is generally not as dense as Europeans and Americans, but this does not mean that Chinese people can’t leave their beards. There are so many beards style, who say that everyone had to leave the bushy beard?



The relationship between a beard and a man is like the relationship between a woman and a lipstick. A man who have sex appeal will have a splayed splay on his mouth; a man of Sven will keep a goatee on his chin; a man of fashion will stay with the mouth of the horn; A man with a little ecology, you need to open his beard to see his face… The beard is perfect for a man’s personality, telling a man’s inner secret, showing the man’s taste, whether it is a gentleman or a prodigal son. It must be shown between the beard.



Choosing the beard that suits you is important.

Why do some people have a good beard and some people don’t look good when they have a beard? This is not a question of staying and not staying, but a question of staying in the right place. Beard is like a hairstyle. No one can say that Chinese people are not suitable for keeping their hair. Although our face has innate differences, a good hair stylist can design the hair style that suits you best based on your face and temperament. In the same way, if you find the beard style that suits you best, you can use your beard to increase your face value.



First, the amount of storage:



If you want to store your beard, you usually keep it for 3 to 5 days. If the time is too long, the beard will appear curved and entangled, which is unsightly. In particular, a beard shape with a length is required, and it usually takes 1 week to 10 days. If the natural beard is not symmetrical enough, you can partially apply a hair restorer that promotes hair growth.


Second, the beard shape:


1.The face of the melon face or the square face is the most suitable for the small goat goat plus the finger beard(referring to beard, is the block-shaped beard of the size of the fingernail), or the chin is trimmed into an oval beard.

2.the thin face is not too long square beard is more suitable.

3.the face of the triangle is stored up and down the eight-character Hu is more type.

4.People with narrow foreheads can keep a beard to cover the mandibular angle and widen the visual effect of the forehead.

5. people with a relatively round face can leave some beards with a tougher outline and direct lines. and beard shape should be coordinated, long hair should be matched with a more elegant beard shape, with a short hard beard shape will make people feel too funny.


Third, how to trim the beard:



1.The tools for trimming the beard are mainly a fine-toothed small wooden comb and a small elbow.

2.trim the beard should first comb the beard, then trim the untidy beard, keep the beard shape. In general, the lower edge of the upper lip beard should be neat.

3.if you want to change the shape of the beard, you can use small scissors to trim the unwanted parts little by little, taking care not to damage the inside of the beard.

4.Do not trim the beard from the inside to outside.

5.If you want to be faster, you can use the electric shaver to trim the beard is obviously an advantage, it also has a variety of accessories can be used to help fix the thick beard, more convenient than combs and scissors However, the shape does not have the personality of scissors.


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