Precise Beard Care Tips for Men | Men’s Grooming by Isner Mile
Precise Beard Care Tips for Men | Men’s Grooming by Isner Mile

Men growing a beard has a long history. In ancient times, most of the men grew beards. Nowadays, the beard has become a fashion trend, which adds the feeling of maturity and sexuality to men. However, growing a beard also needs precise care. Correct beard nursing methods can better show a man’s charming.

Keep The Length of The Beard

If you want to grow a beard, you can keep your beard for 3 to 5 days without shaving. Then the length of the beard is the most appropriate to style. If more than 5 days, the beard would appear curved and winding, which is not nice-looking. For the beard which particularly needs a longer length, it is fair enough to grow it for a week to 10 days. If the natural beard is not symmetrical enough, you can apply some hair growth tool to promote hair growth.

Trim For A Beard Style

Isner Mile Superior For All Types Of BeardA small wooden comb with a pair of stainless steel scissors is good helpers to trim the beard. Firstly, comb the beard, and then cut off the extra beards which are longer than the required beard style. By doing this, the trimmed beard maintains a neat and straight shape. The lower edge of the upper lip and beard should be neat! Otherwise, it will affect the beauty of the face. If you want to change the style of the beard, you can trim the unnecessary parts carefully with small scissors. Do not cut too much at one time, so as not to make mistake accidentally and affect the shape of the beard.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Isner Mile Beard Grooming KitMen with beards should pay attention to the maintenance and cleanliness of their beards. Every day, you must wash the beards carefully to avoid dust and dirt contaminating the beards and the skin beneath. It’s better not to wash with soap.

Isner Mile is a reliable brand which specializes in providing professional beard care products to every bearded man. And our products include beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, and beard grooming kit and so on.

Isner Mile Beard Oil KitThis beard grooming kit providing by Isner Mile is an upgraded beard kit for caring beards. It consists of conditioner oil, beard balm, beard brush, beard comb, and a pair of stainless steel scissors.

It comes with below features:

100% Pure Natural Beard Oil

Pure natural and organic ingredient with essential vitamins help with the growth of your beard and soften your beard.

100% Pure Natural Beard Balm

Pure natural and organic ingredient with essential vitamins keep your beard moisturized and neatly while styling your beard.

High-Quality Trimming Tools

A 100% boar bristle beard brush, a wooden comb and a pair of stainless steel beard scissors help with the grooming and trimming of your beard. Making it stylish with good look while growing healthily.

Perfect for All Types of Beard

This kit is perfect for all types of beard and mustaches. Long,short,thick,thin,coarse or tangled. Ideal for men beard grooming, softening and styling.

With this full set of beard kit, you could easily style your beard. So what are you waitingfor? Come and pick up a set of Isner Mile beard kit.

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